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    Chakrata Rajma 220.00

    Chakrata Rajma refers to a specific variety of kidney beans (rajma) that is cultivated in the Chakrata region of Uttarakhand, India. These kidney beans are known for their distinctive qualities and are highly regarded for their taste and texture.

    Here are some key characteristics of Chakrata Rajma:

    • Nutrient Dense
    • High Fiber Content
    • Contains Anthocyanins
    • Promotes Heart Health

    500 Grams


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    Navrangi Dal 199.00
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    White Rajma 189.00
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    Urad Dal 165.00
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    Gahat Dal 149.00
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    CHITRA RAJMA 140.00

    Chitra has paint brushes of black across the bean. The length of the bean increases in cooking and offers a dainty appeal on the table. This rajma goes extremely well with traditional basmati rice.

    Health Benefits

    • Easy to digest
    • rich in proteins
    • Gastronomical qualities are extremely bowel friendly
    • Power house of proteins
    • Rich source of vitamins and minerals

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    Red Ramgarh Rajma 126.00

    Small is beautiful and the small size of red ramgarh rajma does not deter this variety to be less in any way.The variety has a unique  natural color which gives the dish an ‘on table appeal’ like no other variety.

    Health Benefits

    • Short cooking time
    • naturals pigments turns the gravy deep red.
    • gastronomical qualities are extremely bowel friendly

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