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    Timru Flavored Salt 189.00

    Timru Seed Salt botanical name, Zanthoxylum armatum is one of the best gifts we have received from mother nature. It can be found in the hills of Uttarakhand, Himachal & himalayan range in the height of 5000 feet to 8000 feet. We collected the best timru from the hills and mixed it with different spices. Now Nature’s stock came up with Timru seed salt who gets very rare. Timru flavoured salt that not only enhances the taste but also has many health benefits

    It helps you soothe tooth ache.

    ➣ It can be used for aroma therapy.

    ➣ It helps in insomnia.

    ➣ It can cure your hay fever.

    Bottle : 100gm

    Self Life : 18 months

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    Mustard flavoured Salt 189.00

    Mustard Flavored Salt plant is any one of several plant species in the genera Brassica and Synapsis in the family Brassicaceae (the mustard family), Mustard Flavored Salt is something that can be easily found in the common household. We at Nature’s stock grown and curated the supreme quality of mustards, Mustard flavored salt that not only enhances the taste but also has many health benefits.

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    Mint Flavoured Salt 189.00

    Mint-flavored salt is a delightful seasoning that combines the refreshing taste of mint with the savory essence of salt. It is typically made by blending fresh or dried mint leaves with salt, allowing the flavors to infuse and create a unique and aromatic seasoning.

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    Hemp Flavoured Salt 189.00

    Bhaang ka Namak or Hemp Seed Salt is prepared using organic and natural herbs with hemp seeds grinded on silbatta or traditional stone. Hemp-flavored salt is a unique seasoning that combines the earthy, nutty flavor of hemp with the savory taste of salt. Made by infusing high-quality salt with hemp extract or hemp seeds, this seasoning offers a subtle hemp undertone that complements a variety of dishes.

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    Choru Flavoured Salt 189.00

    It’s a Perfect taste enhancer, aromatic accompaniment to any salad, fruits, barbeque, yogurt, dry fruits, Breads, Chips, Baked goods, Veggies, Curd or any special snack treat. soups, rubbed into meat prior to grilling/marinating and used to finish off roasted vegetables. Sprinkle it over pizza, your next fried or boiled egg or breakfast toast! Use it in your dal tadka, use it to liven up raitas, cut fruits, chutneys and lassi or toss it with French fries or marinate paneer or chicken in it.


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    Hemp Seed Salt 130.00

    Hemp seeds are a great source of essential nutrients, including protein, fiber, healthy fats (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids), vitamins (such as vitamin E), and minerals (such as magnesium, potassium, and iron). When hemp seeds are combined with salt, the resulting hemp seed salt can offer a nutritional boost to your meals.

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    Hara Namak 129.00

    Pahadi Hara Namak, also known as “Kala Namak” or Black Salt, is a type of rock salt with a distinctive pinkish-grey to dark purple color. It is sourced from the Himalayan regions, including Uttarakhand, India. The unique color and flavor of Pahadi Hara Namak come from the presence of trace minerals and iron sulfide compounds. I

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